Two Weekends
June 8-9 & 15-16
11 - 5 pm

Sawtooth Building, Studio 46
933 Parker Street, Berkeley


Artist's Statement

Color, texture, translucent layering and, sometimes, a certain political edginess are crucial ingredients for my mixed media work. A passion for brush writing inspires my minimalist ink paintings and drawings.

I lived in Japan for seven years, and have been studying East Asian calligraphy for more than two decades. Learning “the way of the brush” helped me discover the elegance of understatement, as well as the power of emptiness. That Asian aesthetic, as well as being a journalist for 35 years, fuel my creative process.

Story telling remains important to me, though my tools have changed.

Emotion, ideas, and playfulness are fundamental to my artwork, though not always with the same emphasis or priority.

Sometimes I start with an idea, as in the series, Fleeing Across Continents, which explores the terrifying plight of more than 60 million migrants. Other artwork begins with play, and the ideas follow -- or not. 

Art making enables me to see the world's beauty with more delight and to witness its tragedy with more clarity and compassion. I hope the same might be true for the viewer.



Group Exhibitions

Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA  
Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA
Bluets, GearBox Gallery, Oakland, CA
Calligraphies in Conversation, San Francisco Public Library
Awagami Int'l Print Exhibit, Tokushima, Japan
Turner Museum Biennial, Chico, CA
Snap, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Sacred & Profane, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Here, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

Faces & Figures, Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA
Variations in Abstraction, Transmissions Gallery, Oakland, CA
Awagami Int’l Print Show, Tokushima, Japan

Real and Surreal, Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Art in Motion, Lurie Center, Chicago, IL
Juror: James Rondeau, Art Institute of Chicago

Array, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA
ArtFutura, Chicago, IL
Mayhem, ARC Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Turner Museum Biennial, Chico, CA
Juror: Franklin Sirmans, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Consequences, ARC Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Wonder, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

Fresh Works, Harrington Gallery, Pleasanton, CA
Guerilla Show, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Priority - East Meets West, Donkey Mill Art Center, Kona, HI

Members Showcase, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

Autumn Juried Show, Seed Corn Gallery, Berkeley, CA
Inspired by the Bay, Metropolitan Transit Center, Oakland, CA
National Juried Exhibition, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA

Impressions on Paper, Addison St. Windows Gallery, Berkeley, CA
Left, Right & Center, Art of Democracy, Old Town Gallery, Tustin, CA

New Visions, Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA
Pro Arts Annual, Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA

Solo Exhibitions

Manna Gallery, Oakland, CA

Bucci's Exhibition Space, Emeryville, CA

Blowing in the Wind, Sangati Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Latham Square Quarterly, Latham Square, Oakland, CA

Klein's Exhibition Space, San Francisco, CA

Art Education


Various workshops with Enrique Chagoya, Lisa Mackie, Orit Hofshi, Ron Pokrasso, Lisa Bulawsky, Emily York and others

Drawing & Painting

Various workshops with Nathan Oliveira, Jane Hammond, Jane Rosen, Jamie Brunson and others


Kazuaki Tanahashi, Berkeley, CA (2004-present)
Yoshiko Okada, Tokyo (1997-2003)

Other Experience

35 years as a journalist in Tokyo, Chicago, Silicon Valley and Seattle